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 Zinc impulse sprinkler with metal step spike
NAME: Zinc impulse sprinkler with metal step spike
Product Description:

Work for you home project in garden and lawn sprinkler,   today’s sprinkler components are easier than ever to convene. In each year Americans spend over 6 billion to ensure that their lawn is greener than anyone else. And a healthy green lawn increases air quality helps purify water runoff, and the average lawn has as much of a cooling effect. And thank for sprinklers help to keep green grass, green ever. 


Installing a sprinkler system in your yard is one of the best ways to create a landscape full of lush , green grass and good looking garden. You have full control of the distribution of the distribution of the water and length of time that the sprinklers are watering.  



1.The biggest difference between this product and the general sprinkler is that it has a baffle that can rotate around in a certain angle
2.The part of the spray head can be rotated
3.When the sprinkler rotation, the baffle will be self-high-speed rotation too, and there are moments to block the sprinkler, making the water splash, and make good use of this feature, allowing the spray range
4.Can be inserted into soil



Do you think the general sprinkler is too static? Will it be boring because it can only rotation? Will it be boring because it can only spray? If yes, this impulse sprinkler is your best choice !! It won’t only rotate, will spray, the most important thing is, is that it’s baffle structure, because of the rapid movement, and hit the water column, resulting in greater water spray. Such interesting and special sprinklers is here!

你認為普通灑水器太靜態了嗎?它會單調,因為它只能旋轉嗎?它會單調,因為它只能噴霧嗎?如果是的話,這款衝擊式灑水器是您的最佳選擇!! 它不僅會旋轉,還會噴射,最重要的是它的擋板結構,因為它的快速運動,並撞到水柱,導致更大的噴水。這些有趣和特殊的噴頭在這裡!

1 Remove the sprinkler from the package
2 Mix the sprinkler head with the water pipe
3 Take the area where the yard wants to place, and plan to arrange route settings
4 Leave the sprinkler and turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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