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 3/4〞Brass full-circle impulse sprinkler
NAME: 3/4〞Brass full-circle impulse sprinkler
Product Description:

1.The biggest difference between this product and the general sprinkler is that it has a baffle that can rotate around in a certain angle
2.The part of the spray head can be rotated
3.When the sprinkler rotation, the baffle will be self-high-speed rotation too, and there are moments to block the sprinkler, making the water splash, and make good use of this feature, allowing the spray range
4. Can not be used alone, need to be combined with other sprinkler to use
5. Material is brass, so it can prevent rust


Impulse Sprinkler is a special sprinkler. It’s personality is that it’s baffle structure, because of the rapid movement, and hit the water column, resulting in greater water spray. Because of this feature, making it in the sprinkler is quite a special presence. Compared with the general sprinkler is different, it’s material is brass, which makes him avoid rust. And hit can be used in combination with other sprinklers, so the mix is also very diverse.

 它的功能是它的擋板結構,因為快速運動,並撞到水柱,導致更大的水噴霧。 由於這個功能,在噴水器中製作它是一個非常特殊的存在。 與普通噴頭相比,它的材質是黃銅,這使他避免生鏽。 並且打擊可以與其他灑水器結合使用,因此混合也非常多樣化。

1 Remove the sprinkler from the package
2 Mix the sprinkler head with the other sprinkler
3 Take the area where the yard wants to place, and plan to arrange route settings
4 Leave the sprinkler and turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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